My Key Global offers a wide range of services for everyone that we deal with, no matter who they may be. Our services include


  • Works towards Higher Occupancy
  • Value Appreciation (Guaranteed investors)
  • Increasing your Branding and overall position in the market

By combining our hands-on sales approach with social media and digital marketing we help developers who partner with us achieve a high occupancy rate and top tier investors. We also help to spread the word about your company through all the methods within our means thus providing increased brand awareness and a better overall position in the market.


  • Hassle free Maintenance
  • Higher Rental Yield
  • Long term tenancy

For owners who partner with us, our team of experts take care of all property management services ensuring you complete hassle free maintenance. We deal in high end luxury apartments which offer comparatively higher rental yields than most others in the market.


  • Affordable yet luxurious experience
  • A Unique Home-stay encounter
  • Convenience

We promise our guests an opulent and blissful encounter at an affordable price.  You get to enjoy your life in the lap of luxury with some special and unparalleled elements that you will not find in any other home-stay. Take advantage of a completely unique home-stay experience with all the convenience of staying in a 5 star hotel suite.